Unobtainable China Police Certificate

In some cases it is impossible to obtain the China Police Certificate. For example:

  • If you no longer have your passport or some documents, the local police station may be unable to confirm your residence, therefore they may not issue a China Police Certificate; 
  • If you stayed in China a long time ago or the local police station does not have any record of you, the PSB may not issue a China Police Certificate;
  • Or some police stations may just refuse to issue a China Police Certificate for foreigners because it may not be clearly stated in their work responsibilities.

In some situations the consular officers or employers may waive the China Police Certificate requirement where the applicant clearly shows that in spite of good faith efforts made to obtain the China Police Certificate it remains unavailable.

In the event that a China Police Certificate is unobtainable, we will document the efforts that we make on your behalf.  Attorney Banister will, when necessary and appropriate, prepare and present a declaration in support of your waiver request. We will also help you gather evidence of good conduct while in China.  Attorney Banister will make himself available to speak with immigration authorities as necessary should they need additional information after submission of your waiver request. 

For applicants unable to obtain a China Police Certificate who seek to move to the United States, Attorney Banister can prepare and submit a brief in support of your waiver request. Not all U.S. consular officers are familiar with the China Police Certificate waiver process. A legal brief will inform the consular officer charged with reviewing your application and, in some cases, may expedite approval of the waiver request. 

Processing times also vary by the complexity of the request and the location of the record.  Normal processing and investigation times are 10 to 25 working days.