China Police Certificate

We are pleased to assist anyone in need of a China police clearance. A China police clearance is commonly referred to as a certificate of no criminal conviction (CNCC) or 无犯罪记录证明书.

Who Can Get a China Police Clearance?

A China police clearance is only available to foreigners who held a residence permit during their stay in China. Residence permits are typically issued for the Z worker, X1 student and J1 journalist visas. A China police clearance is not available for time periods when someone stayed in China on a tourist, business or other non-resident visa type.

What is the Procedure to Obtain a China Police Clearance?

In order to obtain a China police clearance, an applicant must apply to the local Public Security Bureau (“PSB”) station where they resided. The Chinese record keeping system is wonderfully diffuse. If you have lived in more than one city, you may require multiple clearances. Some cities have general instructions on their websites while others do not. Procedures may vary by city and by substation. The applicant may go in person or send someone on their behalf with a properly executed power of attorney.

What Documents are Required?

Documentary requirements typically include the following:

1.     Original passport with residence permit;

2.     Scanned copies of the photo page, all Chinese visas and all Chinese entry/exit stamp;

3.     Original work permit;

4.     Original Temporary residence registration form;

5.    Original verification letter issued by applicant’s employer that states applicant has no criminal record.

Who Might Need a China Police Clearance?

Many U.S. as well as some other foreign visa types require that the applicant submit a police clearance from any country in which they have resided for six months or more. A U.S. consular officer may also require a police clearance from any country where an applicant has been arrested or from which the consular officer believes an arrest has taken place even if the period of residence in the country was less than six months.

What if a China Police Clearance is Unobtainable?

If a China police clearance is unavailable, the consular officer may request alternative documentation which demonstrates that the visa applicant is of good character and has no criminal record in China. This evidence may include employment records, character letters from people who knew you well and evidence of involvement with religious organizations while you resided in China.

The consular officer may waive the requirement where obtaining the clearance would create a severe hardship on the visa applicant. The standard for a hardship waiver is quite high. The applicant must demonstrate that obtaining the record would cause severe hardship greater than mere delay, inconvenience or expense. An example might include an ongoing war in the former country of residence. The consular officer may also waive the requirement where the applicant clearly shows that in spite of good faith efforts made to obtain the police clearance it remains unavailable.

Our China Police Clearance Service

If you hire us to obtain a China police clearance, we will review your case and help you determine where the records are kept. We will contact the PSB to confirm the process for the specific station or stations that hold your records. We will help you gather necessary documents and instruct you on how to complete and deliver them to us. In the event that a China police clearance is unobtainable, we will document the efforts that we make on your behalf and will prepare and present our own declaration in support of your waiver request. We will also help you gather evidence of good conduct while in China.

If you are in need of a China police clearance, we will guide you through the process and will put our extensive China network to work for you. We are pleased to share our experience in this area with applicants and counsel. We can also make our standard brief in support of waiver requests available to you as needed. Our China police clearance service is available to both U.S. and foreign nationals as well as their attorneys, barristers and solicitors.

Our China Police Clearance Fees

Our China police clearance services begin at $750.00 as a flat fee for service exclusive of costs and expenses. Fees and expenses vary by the complexity of the request and the location of the records.

Our China Police Clearance Processing Time

Processing time also vary by locality. Normally it takes 10 to 25 working days. 

Contact Us for a Free Consultation Regarding Your China Police Clearance Today. All inquiries will be treated with the confidentiality that we guarantee to every client.

Why Choose Us

  • We are an American law firm which means trustworthy and can do more for you: 1) Any fraud or fake documents may result in failure of your application to a job or immigration, therefore you want to hire a law firm to assist you. 2) In the event that a China Police Certificate is unobtainable because of your specific situation, our attorney will document the efforts that we make on your behalf and will prepare and present our own declaration in support of your waiver request. We will also help you gather evidence of good conduct while in China.
  • You don't have to come to China in person
  • Extensive China network to cover most cities 
  • One stop service including but not limited to translation; Chinese government notarization; Foreign Consulate legalization (Optional)
  • Deliver all the original documents by international carrier to your home

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